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How to Develop Mediumship

People often say to me that they feel very drawn to mediumship or that they have been told they have potential as a medium but they do not know how go about developing it.  So how do you develop mediumship?  What do you need to do?


There are three main components to the development of mediumship, namely theory, practice and self development.  These are shown in the diagram below and all three have equal importance.






















Part 1: Understanding the Theory


It is vital to undertand the theory and the mechanics of mediumship before you start practising it.  Most people want to launch straight into doing mediumship before they even understand what it is or how to do it and the results are usually disappointing.  We wouldn't jump straight into a car for the first time and try to drive it without understanding what each of the controls are and how they function as the results might be catastrophic!  Mediumship is no different.  Before you start practising mediumship, you need to have a solid understanding of what it is, how it works and what you need to do to be able connect to and maintain a link with those in spirit.


In my own experience, very few people teach the theory of mediumship to any great depth as most students want to spend their time on practice not theory.  However this approach is very limiting and results in people 'trying' to do mediumship with limited success as they lack the knowledge of what it is, how it works and how best to do it.  In my own teaching classes, we always start with this theory and students agree that the understanding it gives them  makes it easier for them to practice mediumship and achieve better results.


To help everyone understand the theory of mediumship, I have developed a number of videos to teach the underlying theory in a logical and comprehensive manner. The DVDs are also available as video downloads from this site at a reasonable cost.  They distill large quantities of information into easy-to-follow teachings on a wide range of topics to give you a solid understanding of what mediumship is and how to do it.  The videos typically last about 2 hours each and are available fom this site as both DVDs and video downloads.


For those at the early stages of development, I recommend the following videos to give you the solid foundations of mediumship theory:


  • Mediumship Classes 1 to 6

  • Spiritual Development

  • Psychic Development


For those at the intermediate to advanced level, I recommend the following videos to give you a good grounding in how to do platform work, private sittings and manage the challenges you will likely encounter along the way:


  • Mediumship Classes 7 to 12

  • Mediumship and the Mind


There are also additional videos on special topics such as trance and spiritual healing.


All of the videos are available from this website at reasonable cost as I believe that quality teachings should not come at exorbitant prices!  Details of the videos available can be found here.


Part 2 - Practice Practice Practice


Once you understand what mediumship is and how it works, the next step is to find somewhere to practice under the guidance of a good teacher.  Like anything worthwhile, it takes a great deal of time, effort and practice to develop mediumship to a good standard.  To become a medium takes practice, practice and more practice!


So the first step is to find a circle or class where you can get the opportunity to practice.  Many Spiritualist churches and centres run circles and classes.  If there is a Spiritualist church near you, why not pay them a visit and find out what classes or circles are available.  Also many mediums run circles, classes and workshops privately so do some research to see what is on offer in your local area.


If you cannot find local classes, circles, or workshops then you may want to consider doing weekend or week long courses with good teachers.  I have done the majority of my own training at the highly regarded Arthur Findlay College in the UK with many of the finest teaching mediums and I can highly recommend it.  For details of courses see their website


If there are no local opportunities to practice near you, then why not join online classes and circles with like-minded people.  I teach on the SNU International website which offers classes almost every day which are free to members for a very reasonable membership fee. I know many mediums who have developed in online classes to a high standard.


Take as many opportunities to practice as you can.  Don’t be in a rush to develop mediumship quickly but give yourself time to allow your gifts to unfold at a steady pace.  Beware of courses offering fabulous results in only a weekend.  There is no such thing as instant mediumship!  For most people, it takes several years to develop and we are always developing.  It is a journey of continual unfoldment and we never arrive – myself included!


Part 3 - Self Development


The third component to developing mediumship is self development.  Whilst we can teach the mechanics underlying mediumship, we must remember that mediumship is first and foremost a spiritual and sacred process.  The key to unfolding your gifts of mediumship is to create the right spiritual conditions for them to unfold.


Self-development practices are therefore vital and include meditation, prayer and dealing with any personal issues which may hold you back.  We need to make ourselves a clear channel for spirit free of any mental or emotional baggage.


Meditation practices such as sitting for spirit and sitting in the power are the foundation of developing quality mediumship.  Sitting for spirit is about making ourselves available to the spirit world and spending time in the presence of spirit. The late medium Gordon Higginson said that 'No time spent in the presence of spirit is ever wasted'.  Also, to work as a medium, we need to learn to relax and still the mind, heighten our senses, recognise our own spirit nature, and move our mind to become aware of spirit.  The regular practice of meditations such as ‘Sitting in the Power’ are vital to achieving these goals.  Practiced regularly and diligently, many tutors believe it can make a significant improvement to your rate of development.  I have developed a CD titled Sitting in the Power which teaches this practice which is available from this website.


You can also spend time learning about the meanings of colours and symbols and finding your own meanings so that spirit is able to use them with you during mediumship to enable information to be given quickly.  I have developed a CD called A Rainbow Journey designed for you to explore your own meanings for colours as part of this self development process.


Other self development practices include building your knowledge about mediumship, Spiritualism and associated subjects so that you recognise that you truly are spirit here and now.  The challenge then becomes learning to live from your spirit on a daily basis!


We can only go so far with learning the theory of mediumship and attending circles, classes and courses to practice.  The real key to unlocking your mediumship is your own self and spiritual development.  All three components should receive equal attention if we are to develop as a balanced medium.


Really. all development is self development as it is a journey that has to be undertaken by you.  Nobody else can do it for you.  Developing mediumship is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling journeys there is.  Take the time to explore it and most of all enjoy it!


© Article copyright of Martin Twycross.  Please feel free to share but do ensure that it is attributed to the author.

Development Components

The Three Components of Developing Mediumship

By Martin Twycross CSNU

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