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I offer 2 meditations to assist the unfoldment of your mediumistic and psychic faculties.  They comrpise Sittingh in the Power and A Rainbow Journey and details of each are given below.  Both are available as CDs amd mp3 downloads.


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Development CDs and mp3s

Sitting in the Power

A Rainbow Journey

This CD contains an introduction to the practice of sitting in the power or sitting for spirit which is considered an important part of developing quality mediumship.   The exercise is designed to aid in the unfoldment of mediumistic and psychic gifts and comprises a a two-part guided meditation. Practiced regularly it can enable significant progress to be made in development of a student's mediumship.   The first part involves sitting in your own power and the second part involves sitting in the power of spirit. Running time: 41 mins.

small Sitting in the Power CD small Rainbow Journey CD

Understanding the meanings associated with colours can be a valuable tool in psychic and mediumistic development. This CD is subtitled "A Personal Exploration of Colour" and is designed for you to explore your own meanings for a variety of colours.  It contains an introduction to the theory associated with the meaning of colours together with two guided meditations allowing you to explore your own meanings for each colour.  Seven primary colours are exlplored in the first meditation and these comprise red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and white.  The additional colours explored in the second meditation comprise black, brown, grey, pink, silver and gold.  Running time: 69 mins