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Recommended Books on Mediumship

Harry Edwards - A Guide for the Development of Mediumship

Although better known for being one of the greatest spiritual healers, Harry Edwards was a platform medium earlier in his life. In this delightful little booklet (which is actually a chapter from his book "Life In Spirit"), he has provided us with a rare gem. The book presents the development of mediumship in a simple and down to earth way which nonetheless captures the true essence and spiritual truth of what mediumship is. It covers the mechanics of mental mediumship, the guide and attunement, clairaudience, clairvoyance, trance and spiritual healing. In addition, it stresses the spiritual purpose of mediumship and the qualities needed to be a good medium.


Few books on mediumship can compare with the direct honesty and simplicity of this little book. Every time I read this book, it speaks to my soul and brings me back to basics. For me, it demystifies what mediumship is about and is quite simply the best introduction to mediumship and its development which I have had the pleasure of reading. I cannot recommend it more highly.

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Whilst there are a multitide of books on psychic development and mediumship, I consider that there are only a handful which are of value to the serious student of mediumship.  I have listed below the best books (in my humble opinion), together with a short review of each.  To buy any of the books, click on the picture or button link and it will take you through to the website or the SNUi website where these books are available to buy.  

Gordon Smith - Developing Mediumship

Gordon's earlier book "Developing Mediumship, Transforming Self" has long been a favourite of mine in that it puts the theory of mediumship across in a simple yet powerful way.  Sadly, it has long been out of print and is very hard to find but still well worth tracking down a copy.  Try of to track down a copy.


The good news is that Gordon has a new book titled "Developing Mediumship" which is now out.  Although the book layout is not the best and it is pitched mainly at beginners, there is some good content in this book and it covers much of the same material as the previous book.  I am happy to recommend this book as a basic introductory text for beginners.   To read more about the book and buy a copy, click on the image or the link below the image.

Smith Developing Mediumship Buy This Book Opening to the Other Side

Stephen O'Brien - The Power of Your Spirit

Subtitled 'Develop your Natural Psychic Abilities', this is an interesting and wide ranging book on psychic and mediumistic developement by well known medium Stephen O'Brien.  It takes the form of a mass market paperback which is not a particularly easy format to read for a teaching book but is worth tsaying with.  Nonetheless, it is actually a very good teaching book on spiritual development including the developiment of mediumship, healing and psychic abilities.  It comprises over 370 pages and I find it is a great book to dip into time and again.  The book also includes some very useful exercises.


There is a great deal of solid advice in this book for developing your spiritual gifts and I am happy to recommend this book to both beginner and intermediate level alike.  To read more about the book and buy a copy, click on the image or the link below the image.

Craig Hamilton-Parker - Opening to the Other Side

This book is sub-titled 'How to Become a Psychic or Medium' and is a wide ranging book on psychic and mediumsistic development by well known medium Craig Hamilton-Parker.  The book is nicely laid out in an easy to read format.  Whilst it is aimed primarily at beginners, it does includes chapters on mediumistic development and the presentation of mediumship which may be of interest to intermediate level students also.


I am happy to recommend this book as a general book for beginners covering a broad range of topics.  To read more about the book and buy a copy, click on the image or the link below the image.

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